Vida, Visual Interactive Datapipe

= Current Version is 0.8devel =

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* description

Vida is a multi-datapipe handler, written in C with ncurses library,
for unix and unix-like OS.

* features

- visual interface built with ncurses library - multiple datapipes - multiple connections for each datapipe - password authentication over datapipes - computes the total of sent and received bytes - sniffing a routed connection (monodirectional, bidirectional and to colors, packages matching a string) - simple hijacking of a routed connection (in both directions) - dns-hijacking of a dns-spoofed connection over switched LAN (todo) - logging to text file

* development

Download source tarball: - vida-0.8devel - vida-0.7.1 - vida-0.7 - vida-0.6 - Important: version 0.8devel requires this patch to compile correctly with newest libnet (apply with `patch -p0 < "patchname"`)

* help



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